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 Monster Hunter 3

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PostSubject: Monster Hunter 3   Tue May 19, 2009 12:54 am

Im also a fan of Monster Hunter >3> Now that the latest installment for the monster hunter franchise will be coming out on Wii.... I totally want to buy one lol!

Monster Hunter 3 (tri) is the third console installment in the popular Monster Hunter franchise scheduled for release for the Wii. The title was initially scheduled for release on the PlayStation 3 but was announced to have been moved to the Wii during Nintendo's Fall 2007 Conference "due to high development cost of titles for PS3". A trailer of the game was also shown during the same event. It was also announced that a demo is being released only in Japan as an addition with the Monster Hunter G Pack on the 23rd of April 2009. Although there isn't any news on an exact release date of Monster Hunter 3, it is being released in Japan in Summer 2009. Capcom has also stated that it wishes to release its leading franchises (including Monster Hunter) into the western market.

Gameplay and development

Gameplay will involve underwater environments.

Another feature Capcom is looking at implementing a Monster Hunter Theater, which will record battles and allow them to be played back from various angles, and store them on a central server accessible via web browser.

Also, Capcom confirmed new maps such as a desert area and new monsters, with completely redesigned monster interactive AI, creating an artificial ecosystem.

New monsters include:

* Jagii; A new type of raptor
* Dosujagii; The Jagii drome
* Jagiinosu; Female version of the Jagii
* Kurupekko; A new bird-wyvern that can call other monsters to its aid
* Ragiakurusu; The main monster of the game, and electrical leviathan that can go on land and water
* 'Water Minions'; Aquatic herbivores
* 'Water minion drome'; A drome for the water minions
* Boruborosu; A new rock monster, looks like a cross between a T-rex and a basarios with its own unique status 'Adobe'
* 'Ant minions'; Over sized ants, these are the main food source for the Boruborosu but not much else is known
* 'Leaf-headed Lynian'; A new lynian, may be an aid for the hunter or could be a new form of shakalaka
* Khezu Whelps; Baby khezus, act as other 'minion' type monsters. Can be found in demo.

According to a recent interview with game producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, while each weapon class will be updated with new moves and innovations, the number of weapon classes will be stripped down from twelve to seven. Weapon classes included will be Sword and Shield, Great Sword, Hammer, Bowgun (Light, Medium & Heavy), Lance, Katana (Longsword), and the new {Slash Axe (polearm)}. This means that Hunting Horns, Gunlances, Longbows, and possibly Dual Swords will be omitted.
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PostSubject: Re: Monster Hunter 3   Wed May 20, 2009 3:06 am

i remember playing monster hunter...
i have a character with a cenataur set...
and a great sword made of naruga...
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Monster Hunter 3
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