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 Sony to use PSP-4000 as ’Trojan horse for games’

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PostSubject: Sony to use PSP-4000 as ’Trojan horse for games’   Mon Jun 29, 2009 7:18 am

The latest rumours about the next model of Sony’s PlayStation Portable are that the PSP-4000 is set to get a sliding front-screen.

"The rumour makes sense – Sony need a headline grabbing feature to re-launch PSP – but with no fundamental changes to the hardware or controls (especially the controls), PSP’s shortcomings are the same as ever; lack of killer titles, and decent ports crippled by inability to use right analogue stick," agrees PSM3 magazine editor, Daniel Dawkins.

"If Sony re-launch on the strength of the new screen (touchscreen, we hope), re-market it as a communication device (with an established communication software link to replace the now canned, bespoke, Go! Messenger service, like Skype, or some other social networking tools) and slipstream the success of iPhone, this would not only win back jaded consumers, but allow Sony to use it as a Trojan horse for – yes – games. iPhone is doing it the other way around, but there’s no doubt PSP is the superior games machine."
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Sony to use PSP-4000 as ’Trojan horse for games’
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