this forum is all about anime and manga stuffs...!! this will be the forum site where all anime addicts unite!!! ^^
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PostSubject: RULES and REGULATIONS!!!   Sat May 02, 2009 6:30 am

Rule No. 1 : Language

1. We have decided to make the forums open to all languages. But please do speak in the language used in the conversation. No using other languages to backstab others and such. And instead text speak(txt spik), spam speak(hehe Very Happy), and leet speak(1337 5p1k) are not allowed and will never be tolerated, such posts will be deleted immediately and result with a warning. IGNORANCE TO THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Rule No. 2: Posting

2.A Flaming directed towards other users is not allowed and posts will be locked or deleted.

2.B No spamming. This includes advertisements, content deemed inappropriate or illegal, and flooding (this includes excessive spaces or line breaks, etc.).

2.C When copying text, edit first to eliminate excessive spaces and line breaks, and removing forwarding indicators. This is also regarded as flooding and spamming. Also ensure that no copyright infringements are being violated. Such posts without proper editing will be deleted immediately.

2.D Please avoid post with derogatory comments based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, or nationality. This will result in an immediate ban if found guilty of such insults.

2.E Out of topic posts may be deleted or moved. Please make sure that you are posting in the correct category. If your answer or question is not relevant to the topic kindly put “OT:” or “Off-Topic:”

2.F Do not duplicate posts. This is a waste of resources (webspace) and all posts involved will be removed at our discretion. As a member of our forums, you are given permission to edit and delete your own posts.

2.G Do not make the board a chatroom. it is a message board, use the chatroom or pm area for personalized messages

2.H Strictly no Double Posting. We would like to keep this forum as clean as possible so if ever you forgot to post something then just click the edit button.

2.I Be Respectful. Please be respectful to your fellow forumers here especially the mods.

2.J No Bashing
This means:
* No bashing people. (This includes any single person and or group/race of people)
* No bashing other sites. (If you don't like the site, then why mention it?)
* No bashing manga / characters. If there's something in particular you dislike about a manga or character, you can state that in an existing thread. But if you dislike a manga / character there's no need to create a thread for that, and there's no need to bash the manga / character. It just ends up leading to fights
*This includes PMs that bother people.

2.K Strictly no Fighting. I think I don’t need to explain this.

2.L No Porn/Hentai. Let’s keep our forum clean of this. Well atleast until we figure out on how to make a forum where people who are above a certain age may enter.

2.M No Necroing. Once we get going for some time, please don’t bring old topics back to life.

2.N Avoid Vulgar/Abusive Words. I think I don’t need to explain this.

NOTE: breaking the rules will result to a warning. Breaking rules 2N, 2K, 2D, and 2A will result into a double warning

Rule no.3 Use of the Search Function

3.A To help eliminate unnecessary duplication and waste of resources, please do a search before asking about something and read topics that are already been answered. Subjects that have already been discussed numerous times will be locked or deleted.

NOTE: the one breaking this rule will be warned

Rule no.4 ALL CAPS, Line Breaks, Fonts and Emoticons

4.A Refrain from using ALL-CAPS. In the virtual world /environment, this is considered shouting, in-rage, angry or sorts about something and is not well taken.

4.B Do not use excessive line breaks, very large fonts, or too many colors. This makes reading posts difficult and your post may be edited to remove such excessive without prior notice from administrators / moderators and officers.

4.C Though emoticons are fun to use, please do not abuse these little guys. They are here to help, not lead an army.

NOTE: Violators will be given 1 warning

Rule No. 5 Images and Signatures

5.A When posting images in posts and signatures, please try to make them of a reasonable size. Excessive sizes will be removed as this wastes bandwidth and detracts from a person's viewing experience due to the length of time it will take the image to display. We would prefer you post a link to the image (using the HTTP tags) rather than embedding the image in the post itself (IMG tags).

5.B Signatures should use small images (if any at all), and should not contain annoying animations. Posting rules and guidelines also apply.

NOTE: Violators will be given 1 warning

Rule No. 6 Descriptive Titles and Content

6.A When creating a Topic / Subject, try to make them descriptive and create a content that is clear to the point as possible. This in turn helps people to click on the topics that they need and returning more relevant search results when a search is performed.

6.B When posting, please try to be as descriptive as possible to allow for easier diagnosis and understanding.

Rules No. 7 *Most Important*

7. Keep a good relationship with other members. We are here in this forum to have fun and to share our knowledge.

Actually its very simple, get 5 warnings and you get banned for a week. The second time you get 5 warnings you get banned for 2 weeks. You get the point do you? Also if you are warned by any means (ex. you got a pm or yourt post got editted) you should not erase the pm and/or the post since it'll be your personal record of how many you got already. I suggest that if ever a mod warns a member the mod will then keep track of how many times he had warned the member when the warnings reaches 5 the mod will then pm the admins so that the member will be banned asap. You keep your records then you won't get shocked if ever, suddenly you become banned. Get my point?
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