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 Your Top 3 OP/ED....

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Knix Fearowarms


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PostSubject: Your Top 3 OP/ED....   Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:56 am

My Top 3 OP/ED

3rd - Konna no Chikaku de (Nodame Cantabile)
The song is very heart warming yet happy. I find it soothing to listen this jazz-blues (was my genre correct? Not really sure >3) song for the reason that it can be melancholic (Do you find me weird 0.o) or uplifting.

2nd - Wo Ai Ni (Gintama)
If this was top 10 then there would be many rock songs included in my tops. I really had hard time choosing Wo Ai Ni over rock/metal genres like say, Haruka Kanata? But why would I choose rock over this briliant happy song? This is one of the few ED that stands out, it even won an award as 1st (Not really sure what year and what award but it's safe to assume that it's about the best ED or anime songs).

1st - Aozora no Namida (Blood+)
There was really a lot of brainstorming (About 10 minutes I think? I was like Rewrite... no it's Again... but Zetsuo Billy is pwnzor...) just to come up with this conclusion. I find Aozora no Namida perfectly made, there are no 'dead' points (for an instance, many people find the bridge of Rolling Star boring). The song blends in all through out, the intro was simple yet resonates in my ear and the songs justifies with the mood it gives.

I was quite surprised that there was no rock/metal genred song in my top 3 list. Shoujo S was also one of my choices for any of the ranks but there's something lacking in Shoujo S (I can't explain what exactly it is). Shura and Pray (Both from Gintama) were also candidates for my top 3 and oh oh!! Chain (It was initially my top 3 but when I remembered that there was a song called Konna no Chikaku De in the anime history I was like "ow ok? better luck next time Chain... =)).

I forgot, the OP of Flame of Recca was also racing in my mind (Classically Epic) and many more OP/ED's....

That's mine, so what's urs? :->

\m/ rock on


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PostSubject: Re: Your Top 3 OP/ED....   Tue Nov 16, 2010 12:11 pm

Here's mine..!!

Top 3: Afterdark by Asian kung-fu generation from Bleach

Top 2: Complication by Rookiez is Punk'd from Durarara


Top : Broken Youth by Nico Touches the Walls from Naruto

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Your Top 3 OP/ED....
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