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 Chatbox Rules

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PostSubject: Chatbox Rules   Sat May 02, 2009 7:15 am

We are going to follow the Chatbox Rules similar to that of onemanga's if you are not aware of it here it is:
1.) All conversations must be kept "PG-13" at all times. Let me make this perfectly clear right now, there is to be no talk of rape, implied rape, drugs, or implied drug use. Keep it family friendly! Posting links to manga with questionable material is also against this rule and will result in an immediate ban. There is no exception to this rule.

2.) Try to keep the number of conversations going on at any given time to a minimal. I don't mean that you cannot speak on a different topic if someone is talking but try not to start ten different conversations at one time. The space provided is limited and it can become very annoying and troublesome to have to sift through so many topics.

3.) Spamming, flaming, flame baiting, and name theft may result in immediate ban. You will receive only one warning if you are caught breaking this rule, should you fail to comply you will be banned; no questions asked.

4.) Your personal like and dislike is of none of any one's concern but your own, so keep them to your self. Religion, politics, and personal prejudices should not be spoken in the Cbox at any time. If you are caught breaking this rule you will be warned only once. Should you fail to comply you may be banned.

5.) No one is forcing anyone to use the Cbox. Enter at your own risk. Should you encounter a spoiler it is your own fault, please do not complain about it. If what ever set of events is more than two (2) or three (3) weeks old it is no longer considered a spoiler. Still, avoid spoiling major plot details, and sorta check to see if people don't know something. Be courteous, basically.

6.) No one is "superior" to anyone else. Everyone must follow these rules, Admins, moderators from both the Cbox as well as the forum, and the members as well.

7.) From now on talk about killing your self or recommending someone else kill them selves will result in you getting banned. If your caught breaking this rule you will be warned only once. Should you fail to comply you will be banned, no questions asked.

9.) No multiple accounts. How many names do you need? If you are identified to have more than one account you will be asked to use that name and nothing else. If you are caught using a different name you will be banned for up to 24 hours. Continuous use of multiple accounts may get you banned permanently.

10.) If you have an issue with the mods DO NOT COMPLAIN TO THE MODS. We have superiors. If you encounter a problem pertaining a mod feel free to contact the admins

12.) If for any reason a person is being unreasonable, even if they are following these rules, it will result in a temporary "Time Out". The time of a time out varies depending on many variables.

13.) The universal language of the Cbox is English. Although you do have a freedom of expression, but it only makes it more difficult to monitor the conversations when they are in a language we dont understand. You will be asked only once to speak in English should you fail to comply you will receive a "Time Out".

14.) Don't mini-mod... Is your name red? Then don't act like it is... unless of course, you happen to be a mod who has a name that's colored black, but that's another story. *Note* Mini-modding is pretending to be a mod and "reminding" people to follow the rules.

15.) Do not leet speak. It will not be tolerated.

17.) Please don't make names where @, %, ~, &, +, or ! are the first character. Those are subbed names.

18.) When posting pictures, you must put the image in a spoiler tag if the picture is over 100x100pixels [or around the size of a forum avatar]. This is so the chat is still easy to read and not too distracting. If it is larger please use [spo_iler] image [/spo_iler] without the _ s.

The bans being talked about here is a 1 week ban from the chatbox. The ban time will be longer each time you break a rule.
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Chatbox Rules
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