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 Cosplayer's Heaven <Weapons>

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PostSubject: Cosplayer''s Heaven <Weapons>   Fri May 15, 2009 9:43 am

all topics regarding weapon making or where to buy them.

Tabora Side, Divisoria Mall (just right beside the Tabora escalator)

Cardboard Katana -101- (tutorial)


This is a tutorial to a basic katana whcih building methods can be apiled to most katana type swords and still be cost effective.

here are examples of this style i have built

(new wonderful photoshopped verson has been added photoshoping done by Najica with my thanks)
* *

*long blade tips update*
1) for the last last 2/3's of the blade make the gain of the cardboard on the two outer layers run with the lenght of the blade.
(this wil give a stearth boost but would be redonedent on a blade under around 4 feet long)

2) instead of cutting the dowel snap it so you get two frayed ends than useing a wood glue, glue them back togetter on an angel so it can be put in the blade (this one could be use for any sword you wanna add alittle extra stearth to)

doing thoose two things togetter should be enough to sapport a blade fiarly well to about alittle over 5 feet

if you do use this tutorial i would love to see pics of how things truned out

it could save your life


OK since so many poeple have asked about this i am writing this tutorail on how i build my sheaths now -new photoshoped verson done by Pazuzu

heres a photo of a sheaths finished using basicly this method

things you'll need
-hotglue and gun
-white glue
-sweat suit cloth
-thread and other sewing things
-exacto knives
-paint and brushs

ok thats it.

while some of you ask if you can use the katana style built a western style broadsword it just doesn't work. So heres a new tutorial which can be apiled to most broadswords

ok i'm doing things alittle diffrent this time instead of my bad handwritin i'll just tpye the instructions in the thread and just macth up the numbers with the pictures its faster for me and easyer for you but agian if anyoen wants to photoshop the two togetter pm me . ( note the drawings are abit nicer this is do to the fact i only had an inch long pencil to draw the katana one, man my hand killed) also this is really only meant as an expansion pack to the katana tutorial it uses pretty much the same matrails and skill set so thing are alittle less explianed in this one its best read the katana tutorial frist to know whats going on

heres the sorwd i made using this style of build

1. crave a 3/8" dowel so the tip is flat starting from about 10 inchs up the dowel
2. cut a long piece of cardboard in to the shape of the the blade(note the holes should be at the sides) , cut a 3/8" slit down the middle starting about 1 1/2" from the tip than glue it to the dowel so the flat tip on it is level with the board make sure thier is still atlest 6' of dowal extanding form the back of the blade for the handle later
3. cut two peices the same shape and the blade but about 3/8" smaller allround (holes at the sides agian)
4.cut down the middle of the pieces but not all the way though the board than bend the pieces along that crack

5. glue the two pieces on to the blade in the milddle so the crack lines up with the dowal the pieces should be fluse back of the blade and have an even
gap all aroud the cutting edge
6. fill and smooth the gap of the blade with glue also the very edge of the blade should be filled

7. cut and remove stectoins from of the outter pieces of the blade they should be alttle less the half the length of the blade and the sides should be atlest 1/4" from the start of the glue egdes
8. cut new flat peices to in the space left by the one removed
9. glue fill the inner egdes on the so they bevel inword

10. glue fill and smooth the crack of the blade
11.built the handle be layering cruve pieces of cardboard around the pieces of dowal at the end of the blade than glue a disk to the very end made of layerd board with glue filled sides

12. cut and and glue pieces down to make up the hilt
13. glue fill and smooth all the edges of the hilt
14. paint the sword, acrylics tends to work well on theese materials

ok heres the links to my other tutorials too
kunai/Shurkien thread
automail thread
Kingdom Key thread
i say how to make glue webbing here

postscript. hope you might find this useful and if you do use this i would love to see the results

the real webpage ---->
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PostSubject: Sword''s Shop   Fri May 15, 2009 10:06 am

Tabora Side, Divisoria Mall (just right beside the Tabora escalator)
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PostSubject: Re: Cosplayer's Heaven <Weapons>   Fri May 15, 2009 11:39 am

uhmm... does anybody here have tips on how I could make Chosokabe Motochika's ( Sengoku Basara) anchor?
I need it for my Motochika cosplay this year ^^ thanks in advanced :3
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PostSubject: Re: Cosplayer''s Heaven <Weapons>   Fri May 15, 2009 5:38 pm

how much does it cost to weapons in divisoria? a scyte for example or a staff or a regular size of a samurai wooden sword?

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PostSubject: Re: Cosplayer's Heaven <Weapons>   

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Cosplayer's Heaven <Weapons>
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