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 The Moderators and Lady Moderators and a bunch of other stuff...

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俺 は エッチ。
俺 は エッチ。

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PostSubject: The Moderators and Lady Moderators and a bunch of other stuff...   Sat May 02, 2009 6:48 pm

Here is the list of moderators and lady moderators and their current assignment:

Moderators [red color]:
Knives333 -> anime lounge
nnazir :3 -> anime lounge
ore wa ecchi -> manga aisle | land of the rising sun (temporary)
otakuhaven -> manga aisle
hollow_ezuna -> artside

Lady Moderators [violet color]:
armoniajastin022 -> land of the rising sun
kesoo :3 -> artside

Administrators [orange color]:
ore wa ecchi

we are looking for candidates to become lady moderators for manga aisle and anime lounge so if you feel that you got it pm any of the admins. also we are looking for someone to replace me and become a mod for the land of the rising sun.

also we are going to have a competition and the prize is that the winner will become a moderator of a certain category. The way we are going to choose the winner is simple, the winner will be the most helpful and most friendly in a certain category and his prize is he will become a mod of that certain category. the rules are simple, 1st rule: have fun, 2nd rule: no crab mentality please, 3rd rule: there is no other rule other than the 1st and 2nd rule. there will be 4 winners and the competition begins as soon as this site opens to all.

have fun Very Happy

i expect the said admins above to do their job and follow the rules strictly. please don't hold back on giving warnings to anyone. i also expect the members to follow the mods. let's live a peaceful and happy life here at anime cafe'
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The Moderators and Lady Moderators and a bunch of other stuff...
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